Inside a Creative Mind

If I could paint a picture of what the inside of my mind looks like…well, it would take a really long time and it probably wouldn’t make much sense to you. Essentially it is absolute chaos in fact, it very closely resembles my bedroom (I will not post a picture of it you would probably have terrible nightmares).

A creative mind must be, what one of my professors refers to as, “A Culture Vulture,” a collector of things. When a creative mind goes to work it picks tidbits of information from all types of media and real life experiences and makes a fat, juicy sandwich out of it. I suppose its sort of like a pack rat that produces great ‘art’ or a million bottled up emotions mid-catharsis.

How does a creative mind work best?

Personally I find my mind works best when I have an extreme interest in something or when I’m feeling overly emotional (melancholy-ish or majorly pee’d off). I usually write my best pieces when I’m in a state of distress. For instance, I did a piece for one of the 7 Deadly Sins and decided to use a sin that most people would avoid, wrath.

The assignment was to portray one of the 7 Deadly Sins with minimal copy. I decided to use the copy as my visual. I guess it worked because I’m a “wrath-a-holic”. No , not really (although my poor boyfriend may disagree depending on what time of the month it is) it worked because I drew from real life experience. My work was selected along with 6 others (one for each sin) to hang in the president of my school’s personal office. The copy read this:

“My chest feels like caving in and my head feels like it’s going to explode. I hate all of their

fake smiles. Their gossip stabs deep into me and their laughter twists and rips the wound wide apart. I hate their whispers and all of their painful stares. I HATE

BEING TRAPPED LIKE THIS IN A TOMB OF SUPERFICIAL BULLSHIT! This ends right now. I’ll give them all something to talk about…”

I tried to find the final layout but it seems I’ve misplaced my first and second semester jump drives. Here is what the piece somewhat looked like although in the end it was justified into one block of a paragraph with the word ‘ wrath’ written in uppercase letters behind the rest of the paragraph.

Putting my creativity into words or into a design or into any form of art is very therapeutic for me. It is a way for me to have a catharsis without anyone getting hurt… well physically at least. 😉

Ladies and gents I bid you adieu and I wish you a wonderful rest of the day.


About Tee

I'm currently a Graphic Design student but I've taken a Creative Advertising program which I unfortunately haven't finished. Previous to that I completed 4 years of English Literature. I grew up in a Canadian-Italian household with two older very different minded generations. My father was an extremely creative entity who has since passed on but still inspires me everyday. My mother is a banker who smashes novels faster than the speed of light itself. I have two sister who have both been graced with creative talents. I have a very strong support group of friends and I believe that they each hold a piece of my soul. “True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing." -Baltasar Gracian
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